We are MHA Burleigh Poole (Propco) Limited, a part of the MHA London Group.

While MHA owns the majority of the site, including the Thistle Hotel, BCP Council also owns a small part.
The project remains in its early stages at this point and is dependent on gaining planning consent. It is therefore far too soon for this. However, we have spoken to a number of operators who have shown interest and whose advice has guided our approach.

We anticipate a range of uses appropriate to the location, which could include food and beverage, leisure, retail outlets. We are also exploring the potential for a community hub with a creative or cultural focus.

During the current public health crisis, public gatherings are not possible. What we have done instead is to establish this website and to issue a newsletter to 1,100 local households, setting out our plans and seeking feedback either by email or via this website.
It is vitally important for the future economic health of the country that business continues to operate, in as normal a way as possible. Our investment and development plans continue to have critical deadlines that we need to meet – and they will, in turn, create jobs and economic growth that we will desperately need once these difficult times are behind us. We therefore cannot bring our work to a pause at this time – which would also require us to put our project team on notice.

We submitted our application to BCP Council in October 2020.

The Local Plan states that the Council expects to deliver 710 new homes each year from 2018 to 2023 to ensure needs are met. That Plan was agreed locally by the then Poole Council and was reviewed by the national Planning Inspectorate and found to be sound.

This site is allocated in the Local Plan for a mixed-use development, including approximately 180 new homes. It will therefore play a crucial role in helping to deliver the numbers of new homes that are needed. In fact, we believe we can make best use of what is a brownfield site in the town centre by providing more homes, and we are therefore proposing 228 apartments.

The site sits predominantly within Flood Zone 1, which means it has a low probability of flooding. However, some limited areas fall within Flood Zones 2 &3. Awareness of this has been very much part of our thinking for the design, reflected in the raised podium to the front of the site. It is also worth noting that the site is allocated in the Local Plan for a mixed-use development and that the Thistle Hotel (which would be demolished) is already located there.
The pumping station, which is located in the very south east corner of the site, would remain where it is. We plan to launch a public competition for creative ideas as to how this structure could be incorporated into the aesthetic of the wider scheme.
Fishermans Dock Poole

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